„The Best Game Ever”

The Best Game Ever – Fast, Fun, Challenging and incredibly addictive!
Download it now – give this feeling for you right now!

•    Fight for your survival as the Secret Ninja
•    Eat eyes and bones as the Zombie
•    Crush sweet Candy with the Chef
•    Abduct some cows as the Alien
•    Stay under shadows of the night as the Vampire
•    Rule the Hell as the Devil
•    Be the sweet flappy Cat
•    Rule the seas as the Pirate... Argh!
•    Get through the jungle with guns as the Rambo
•    Discover magic forrest as the Elf
•    Share your best score with friends on Facebook and Twitter

The power of good, oldschool style games, which we all know from our childhood is coming back with a big bang. The makers of smash hit LingLing applications - TingTong Apps Co. Ltd. announced today, that they are launching „The Best Game Ever” on all mobile platforms. TingTong Apps put in just one jump game all the most popular game styles: Ninja, Zombie, Candy, Aliens, Devil, Pirate, Rambo, Elves, making it an entertainment tool most versatile to any user.

TingTong Apps CEO and designer of the app Chris Krol commented, „We’ve made extensive research to find a question – what most users of mobiles love most in their games? Then we simply put it all in one game to create The Best Game Ever. This mobile app will make a revolution for all the mobile gamers – simply, beacouse we are also gamers and we put all our heart to design The Best Game Ever, that we would love to play by ourselves.”

Now iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone users have a simple yet powerful game at their disposal to spend quality enetertainment time. Over a year in development, this app combines state-of-the-art HD graphics with uplifting, energetic music and magnificent sounds. It is the „endless” type of game, although dynamic changes of environment and secret levels give user the feeling of never-ending progress.

„We wanted to bring the enjoyment and magic to the world of all mobile players. And to make sure we could deliver the fun to as many people as possible, we decided to offer The Best Game Ever at no cost!” further added Arthur Tochowicz, It Director of the company.

The Best Game Ever features include:

  • Go on a journey in 12 stunning worlds
  • Search for hidden bonus levels that change totally the way you play the game
  • Surround yourself with amazing HD graphics
  • Enjoy the sounds of crushing rocks, platforms and destroying your enemies

Devices suitable for the game:

  • iPhone 4,5, iPad
  • Android devices
  • Windows Phone

Pricing and availability:

Completely free to play but some in-game features can be bought extra. You can find it on all mobile apps stores.

App Store Free Download

Google Play Free Download

Windows Phone Store Free Download

Youtube Gameplay Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCyI8Ib7cM8

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