Easy Easy English System

For couple of years we were studying the most effective and fast methods for learning a language and looking for most skilled mobile devices programmers in the world. It took us almost3 years to create the most amazing learning system in the world, where each kid by having fun and entertainment is getting very fast into high level of english language knowledge. Theese years spent on designing, modelling, programming, testing, applying changes and testing again gave a birth of the most modern and advanced sotware for learning English language in the world.
All the programs in our system require active style of interaction which maintain childrens attention at all the time. All the programs are designed in a way that student first learn the content and then practice  it in various language games which are very similar to the most popular mobile and computer games.
To design theese programs we used the most state-of-the-art methods of learning the language:
1. Spaced repetition system of memorizing - where kid is being familiar with the vocabulary in a different periods of time, set by the program automatically, adjusted the the kids speed of learning for the fastest possible speed of memorizing.
2. Gamification of learning - which is the idea of studying the subject by playing games and being involved in many interactiv activities. Through fun and interesting way a kid is learning subconsciously the language without any effort and need for special motivation. By getting points, stars, unlocking achievements and hidden features and games, working as a prise, kid is naturally raising its self-confidence in learning a language.
3. Natural, direct method of learning (called also Callan method). Where kids are just repeating the sentences with or without the teacher and acquiring ability to speak a language in a natural way - same as they were learning they native Thai language. This method is one of the most popular in the word used by private language schools. Here the same method is applied as an automatic mechanism also with very handy translations of each word and sentence. Thanks to this method we were able to limit to minimum the Thai language in programs, which is giving the kids more time to spend with english language.
4. Using emotions in learning the language. By using animated, interesting stories kids can learn the language much faster than just by studying boring grammar or complex language structure. Just by listening and looking at stories with music and emotionally filled positive plot kid is getting connected with the heroes and want to understand the cartoon.
5. We have found multiple ways to attract kids attention like a funny ball jumping over the words or colorful avatars that can be fully customized and become a friend of the kid for the whole learning process.
The programs are designed for 3 years of usage by students with zero or very small knowledge of language. If every kid can use this system for about 30 minutes a day and play games on it, it can after 3 years get to the point of communicative learning skills. Kid through this time is led gradually through the levels. He can unlock secret features and get more points/stars with time.
As in any game kids can also compete between each other. This fact gives them additional motivation for learning which comes from healthy competition.
Most of the programs have a feature, that when kid press on any english word or sentence in the program it shows thai language translations of this word or sentence.
Programs involve all the English vocabulary up to scientific level and also most of the sentence structure exaples. Thanks to this it comprise of almost full English language possible structures. It is not connected directly with the English class sylabus - thanks to this kids and whole classes can improve their language ability no matter what level they are already. It also gives kid a chance to practice alone by playing games and listening to sentences or watching the stories. This gives the ability for more gifted kids tolearn faster than rest of the class and therefore take all their kid friends up.
Each time a program is used - teachers or parents can easily evaluate the knowledge of the students by the scores in the test or scores gained in language games. This form is very appealing to kids and instead of just being stressed by traditional tests they can get grades based on their points in the game.
Every content in the system is professionally recorded by native speakers and gives the kids opportunity to learn proper accent in all the schools where native speakers are missing. Also complete sentences are recorded so even the teachers without strong speaking skills can practice with kids by listening to sentences, words and whole storiec voice recorded.
All the programs are enclosed in an special launcher, which gives more appearent look for the system, categorize the apps based on their topics and most importantly it gives the opportunity to defeintely clos the system with password. This security feature protects the device configuration from being changed, protect the apps from being deleted and protects the kid from being vulnerable to offensive material in the internet. It gives also a chance to focus the kids attention on learning instead of just playing games.
Programs in this system were already tested by more than 3 millions of users all over the world on Android and iOS platform. Also some of them were used as a reference by Samsung Electronics in Europe to promote their Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet as a device for education.
Microsoft already ordered a special version of the programs for their Windows Phone system equipped Devices.
Programs were also tested by multiple English teachers and schools in Thailand (both Foreigners and Thai teachers) getting very good recommendations from all of them.
We would like Thailand to be the first country in the world to use such complete and advanced system in an education for a mass scale, we would be proud to help this lovely and beautiful country grow in very fast pace. We are more than sure it can be an example for the whole world how the technology can improve the education system and benefit for the whole country.

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